Born in Nassau, Bahamas I incorporate vibrant colors and frequent movement in my art. 


As a child New Providence island had a powerful impact on my work. Entranced by its verdant greens and surrounded by brilliant turquoise seas and white powder sand beaches, it is that diversity of color and scenery that best spoke to my artistic talent. My work is filled with national flowers that include the intense yellow elder, flaming poinciana trees, purple bougainvillea, crimson hibiscus flowers, and pink flamingoes.


Christmas and New Years bookend my favorite time of year -- thanks in no small measure to the whirling parades during our National Junkanoo Festival.


I recall with vivid recollection the colorful costumes made of fringed crepe paper, undulating in the streets to the beat of the drums and cowbells, and the bellowing horns.


Those memorable flashes of color and movement imbue my art through abstract representations of the home I love. 


I like to use splashes of pure acrylic color along with objects that enhance and intensify my message. Also, I have always been an avid photographer and lately started combining the two disciplines. I use the camera as a "collector" of subject matter and usually add to the image with paint, photoshop or other materials. I consider myself an Abstract Expressionist Artist.

 I also look at current social and political events and express my feelings through my art.


I hold degrees in art and photography and have won several awards, including Best of Show. I have work on display and in collections in Miami, New York, Vermont, Los Angeles, Stockton, San Francisco, (California), Budapest Hungary, and Nassau Bahamas.

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